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So you have decided your a World of Horses Explorer Awesome well you are in the right place, this is my Equine Adventure section.

So when I am not working on a project I am travelling and as often as possible I find an equestrian experience to enjoy and review. If you would like me to join your Equine Experience or Adventure in exchange for a free blog piece including review and recommendation just get in touch.

Why, I’m a Great Person to Write and Review

At fifteen years old, I launched my career. By the time I had turned 17, I had already worked for two leading international riders. Both legends on the British Show Jumping Team, it propelled me into the realms of International Show Jumping and I dreamt of becoming a competition rider.

Later it led me to become a professional rider and manager of my business. For eight years, I had thrived on the good times, successes and immense joy that comes with running a busy yard and team. The highs and lows of racing and competing for the good days when your lorry is full of rosettes and the bad days when you get a “well sat” on your embarrassing dressage score, concussion, and then the truck breaks down on the way home….

We specialised in healing traumatised horses and educating the people who unknowingly caused it. Some thought I was crazy, others called me a horse whisperer. But for sure, I had a way with complicated cases.

After a 25-year professional career in the equine world, it was becoming clear that it was time to take a step back. A lifetime of injuries and hard physical work had led to multiple surgeries and pain. 

It forced me to accept that it was time to retire from competition riding. But what does one do when it’s time to step down from a lifetime career that is also your sport and passion?

How Yoga Inspired Me To Create A World of Horses.

Hmmm, go to India and train to be a yoga instructor, I thought! So that is what I did. Life has a way of leading us up a path just so we can see a signpost that changes where we want to go next. 

Have you ever heard of the Marwari War Horse?.… well to be honest neither had I! Until the above and other life events lead me to the majestic area of Udaipur, in West Northern India. 

I completed a five-week teacher training course in the Holy City of Rishikesh in North-East India. I went there to change my career and stop working with horses. But while I was there, I discovered something that took me on a 2000 mile detour West before travelling home from Mumbai.

For five weeks, I sat cross-legged on a wooden floor for four hours a day, absorbing the ancient teachings. I spent the other five hours practising yoga and meditation until I could barely move. 

I learnt a lot about myself, and yoga will continue to be a daily part of my life. It may well function as part of my businesses, and I will share my teachings with others.

But It became apparent to me, it takes a lifetime to become a yoga master. It is a spiritual art in which the asanas play only a small part. Yet those very teachings inspired me and caused me to reflect.

I acknowledged that I already had a lifetime of experience. I was a master in another subject and if I couldn’t ride at the level; I wanted to anymore. Did that mean I should just shelve all that knowledge?

It seemed a waste and now I was being taught that it is the duty of those who have knowledge to share it. Having considered what I wanted to achieve, and avoid, I researched riding experiences in India. 

I found “An age-old way of travelling and time pass for the Maharajas, the kings, princes and nobles. It was practised in India for centuries and is now revived for visitors and horse-lovers. Let us take you into a whole new world, vibrant and extraordinary”. 

“Encounter with us the colours of Rajasthan in this unique and time-honoured way. Princess Trails is run by a member of one of the oldest and most honoured noble families of Udaipur. Whose history is interwoven with horses for many centuries, and his German wife.” 

It sounded like an unmissable experience, and I love adventures and horses. So after gratefully completing or should i say surviving!! my Yoga Teacher Training, I set off.

Check back in for my next Blog, my first World of Horses story and review. The Princess Trail Adventure and why you should absolutely go ! …

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