Hong Kong – Thailand

The Incredible Coast of Krabi

I arrived on an Air Asia flight from Hong Kong, at 6pm in Krabi. Which I booked on the morning I was leaving #wingingit……

The flight was brief and hassle free. It was easy to grab a taxi at the small airport. After a Forty minute drive I arrived on the west coast at the https://www.bananas-bungalows.com/

I had booked my first night’s accommodation here based on some trip advisor reviews.

I was lucky to see the sun setting over the amazing floating rocky hills. After a very warm welcome by the staff and a tour of the facility. I could settle into my cosy Bungalow and then order a super tasty Thai Penggung tofu & veg curry. Cooked by the local Thai kitchen team…. delicious & authentic !!

With lots of communal and chilling out areas, this is the perfect place to start any Thai trip. The other guests were international, and the friendly conversation included everyone.

The Hostel provided organised trips and supporting you to hire a bike or other transport mode, to visit the local sites independently.

They even have an in house masseuse and plenty of accommodation options for single travelers to families.

The hostel has a wooden path that leads you to the stunning coastline and the alumni plankton. In the full moon you can swim with this incredible tiny life forms which light up the sea like fairy dust.

The hostel doesn’t have its own pool. But if you walk to the end of the 50 metre private jetty you are at the sea.

Where you will see the fishing boats and amazing floating rock hills. If you follow the coast south for around 3k at low tide brings you to coconut bay.

Here you will find a few small bars, one with a small pool which you can use for free, if you are drinking or eating. You can relax in the hammocks and sunbath on the beach with or without a cocktail.

In my true day, one adventuring spirit. I completely forgot about the fact that the tide comes back! I had to Wade the 3k back up to my waist with my rucksack on my head! I Lost my shoes and cut my foot but it was a monumental work out.

As the sunset, I was feeling an amazing sense of freedom, adventure and gratitude that I was fortunate enough to experience such places and people as this.

I would highly recommend this area for solo travellers and backpackers it’s pretty special. Keep checking back as I will posting the next phase of this trip as soon as I get a little spare time 😉

Thanks for reading 🙏

Hayfields Riding School Open Day @ Guangming Riding Club

So after our epic adventure it was time for me to let the ponies rest & for us to head to the Guangming Riding Club.

I would travel with Maria, who is Hayfields quarantine & import manager and has worked with Jan for several years.

After a 3 hour drive we arrived to meet the exciting new team at Hayfields, based in the Guangming Riding Club.

The club is based in the Bao’an area North West of Shenzhen. The Guanming Riding Club is the largest and most established club in the Shenzhen area and has fantastic facilities.

It was lovely to meet the team, who live in a fantastic apartment. Just a short scooter ride from the Riding Club.

This is where I will be based when I bring the ponies to the club. I will share the apartment with Susanna and Jasper.

Susanna is the Head Coach for Hayfields has a level III, from International Group of Equestrian Qualifications (IGEQ)

Origionally from Finland, Susanna achieved a Bachelors Degree, from the Swedish agriculture university in equine studies. She went on to teach the Swedish riding system for many years.

She is also an experienced rider with her own competition horses back in Europe.

Jasper is the son of Jan, who is the managing director introducing and setting up Hayfields Equestrian, in China many years ago.

Jasper and his parents live on a stunning equestrian farm in Sweden. Where they have livery and competition horses.

Jasper grew up with his mother competing at a high level in Showjumping and he also got the bug.

He has ridden since he was a small child and competed internationally. Including attending the Italian Arezzo Showjumping Tour.

Jasper is currently a private coach for Hayfields and is also riding and training the horses. He also studied Chinese for four years which is super helpful.

Candy is the manager for Hayfields and a director in the company. She looks after all the coordination with the Club. She also organises all the members and lessons.

Candy is supported by here brother Reay and his wife who are also directors in the company. They are working hard behind the scenes to create lots of exciting publicity and social media with digital educational benefits for members.

The team had organised an open day to relaunch the riding centre and celebrate the ponies arrival.

It was a fantastic day with Jan attending all the way from Sweden. Lots of Chinese teas and delicious food.

Susanna and Jasper completed a ridden display for the members and I plaited the horses to make sure everyone looked super smart.

We would like to say a big thank you, to all the staff, coaches, owners and members at the Guangming club. For all their fantastic help and support on the day.

Super Quick Cauliflower Curry, in a Wok!

Ok so this is a colourful, wholesome quick and easy dish. A one Wok curry that you can cook on a camp fire or in a horsebox, if that’s all you’ve got!!

This portion will feed me twice, but you can bulk up with rice or quinao to make it go further.

Soo you will need…..

  1. Cauliflower (I’m using half a chinese they are huge)
  2. One large potatoe
  3. Two large green chillies (adjust to taste)
  4. Spring onions as many as you fancy.
  5. Water
  6. Can of cherry tomatoes.
  7. Coconut milk 1/3 can
  8. Turmeric & Paprika 1 tbsp
  9. Himalayan Pink Salt & Black pepper.
  10. Coconut oil 1 tbsp

So pop your wok on a high heat with 3 mugs of water in it. Whilst it is heating wash and chop the spud into small pieces so they cook quickly.

Pop the spuds into the hot water, add seasoning and coconut oil and put a lid on it.

Wash and chop the cauliflower into medium pieces, chuck them in, give it a shake pop the lid back on.

Wash and dice the chilli and spring onion. Prepare a can of cherry tomatoes and the coconut milk.

After about 5 minutes add Tumeric Paprika the spring onion and chilli and the can of tomatoes.

Give it a good stir and turn the heat down. Let it simmer until veg is soft and it’s reduced a bit. Take it off the heat add the coconut milk, stir, taste and session accordingly.

Enjoy 🧡💛💚💙


Life Hack

Mornings make a difference, it’s a great time of day for some quality you time. So instead of pressing snooze & missing the best bit of the day. Why not try this top tip for starting your day off feeling fabulous.

Set your alarm for 30 min before you need to get up. Now, instead of hitting snooze. Have Paul Mckenna’s free Utube “change your life in 7 days” positive thinking recording on standby.

Just press play it’s 30 minutes and wakes you up at the end. Zero effort and day by day he is helping to reprogram your subconscious so you can be your most amazing stuff.

If that’s enough for you to start with then great. If your super keen, grab a copy of the book and give yourself an extra 20 minutes in the morning & at night to read and complete the excersises.

Good Luck

Marwari Warriors!! 🧡💛💚💙

Fab Natural Skin Care Routine!

People often compliment my skin in my late 30’s I’m lucky. Many people start to see the signs of aging and wear and tear.  I was fortunate enough to have been well advised in my 20’s. “Look after your skin and don’t forget your neck” She said…. Tracey thank you!! Soo nothing fancy here check out my salmon recipe for health care inside out… However, this simple skin care routine has minimal packaging no plastic is cheap as chips you can buy the ingredients in any country. For us outdoor and manual workers it’s going to take the muck out and put the glow in!!

Ok so I know you are all about to think I have completely lost it in China, but do not dismiss this one until you have tried it lads and lasses its great! Now you need to stick with it for a few days but I saw big results on day two.

You will need….

  • Organic cider vinegar
  • Organic honey if you can afford Manuka go for it!
  • Whole oats no instant porridge it wont cut it!!
  • Warm water
  • Organic snails gel from #Holland&Barrett (optional but highly recommend)
  • Extra virgin olive oil

Pre mix 1 tbsp of cider vinegar with 5 tbsp of warm water this is your toner ohh natural. Toning and antibacterial whilst balancing PH in skin,so take it to the bathroom with honey oats and olive oil.

Making sure you are over the bathroom sink its a tad messy!! stick your fingers in the honey and dab all over face, rub it in with little circular motions this is cleansing. Full of rejuvenating natural antibacterial ingredients #beesrock!

Ok so add a little more honey to those sticky fingers and pour on some oats! Yep I said oats use the oats with the honey to scrub your face when it feels super exfoliated it’s time to use the toner.

Soak a cotton pad in the toner and use it to rinse off the honey oat mixture, once thoroughly clean use a clean pad and cover face as you would a toner do not rinse off or pat just let it dry.

Once dry apply a thin layer of the snails gel and once it is dry you can use the olive oil as a moisturiser. Be careful with oil if you work outside you could burn so I recommend olive oil at night and sun factor moisturiser in the mornings.

If you have oily skin just stick with the snails gel!

Thanks for reading, please sign up by email below or leave comments I would love to know how you get on with this one I love it!!

PS you can leave out the oats pm or am if you don’t need as much exfoliation.

Detox & Metabolism Boosting Tea

So we all over do it, running around travelling partying or just feeling that we have no time, forgetting that munching on a burger at 11pm is not going to help our bodies to cope with all that we ask of it.

As a professional groom, rider, farmer working person or mum/dad life can be hectic and for far to many of us our quick fix is something out of a packet hollow calories that leave us feeling rubbish!

Well no more let’s just take a few minutes or an hour if you have it, to just press the reset button! Step by step day by day, I will add daily habits and tools that you can pick and choose from. Helping you build a self care bedtime and morning routine that is going to make you start to think about how you support yourself inside and out.

Ok it might take some time and for sure you will have bad days…..its going to happen!! But hey it doesn’t matter because laying blocks is the best way to build a path and you get to lay the blocks every day for the rest of your life.

You decide the direction and the design, so be sure to focus on a future that you like the picture of and it may look like the yellow brick road or something someone built after a bottle of vodka but it doesn’t matter it’s your path!

“Life’s a journey not a destination “

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

So one block you might like to try is an old detox metabolism boosting recipe. Drink this tea last thing at night and first thing in the morning to benefit from the the antioxidants and a feeling of self care.

You will need….

  • Tumbler 1/2 pint glass
  • 2 tbsp Organic Cider Vinegar (or whatever you can get) & no the crisps don’t count!
  • 1/4 Lemon
  • 1 tsp Organic Honey (or whatever you can get)
  • Hot water
  • If your really going for fat burn add cinnamon and cayenne pepper but beware its not for the faint hearted!! (you will need tsp of each).

So simple put the cider vinager in the glass and squeeze in the lemon and spices for the hardcore folk!! Then place your tsp of honey in the glass and add hot not boiling water. Leave the tsp in whilst you pour the metal absorbs the heat and prevents your glass form cracking.

Give it a stir and let it cool a bit, drink last thing before bed and first thing in the morning feel free to drink pure water before and after in fact aim for 5 pints a day!!

Prawn Veg & Egg Rice Noodle Stir Fry

So sticking with the one wok cooking theme! Here’s a easy peasy spicy as you like it prawn, veg & egg dish that you can cook in your lorry!!

Packing in your veggie quota with lots of fresh metabolism & immune boosting spices. Balanced with proteins & healthy fats from the prawns & eggs.

You can adapt the carbs to suit your activity level so for all those busy bee grooms and riders go egg noodle for an energy boost that you can totally get away with it.

For the less active or only need to look at a cake type!! Then swap out for rice noodles for glass noodles or no carb noodles available form #Holland&Barrett

You will need……

  1. Green leafy veg
  2. Spring onions
  3. Leeks or peppers
  4. Tomatoes pre salted
  5. Cooked or raw prawns
  6. Pre part cooked egg, rice or glass noodles.
  7. Finely chopped ginger, garlic, chilli to taste.
  8. 1 egg per person/meal
  9. Soya sauce
  10. Himalayan pink salt & black pepper
  11. Chilli & garlic paste
  12. Coconut/Flax/Bran oil
  13. Cup of hot water

Im finding with these Wok dishes prep is the key wash and chop all your ingredients. Heat a little oil in the wok and chuck in the tomatoes followed by the garlic & chilli paste stir then the prawns (if raw) green veg, fresh chilli/garlic/ginger and noodles keep it moving!! Immediately crack the eggs in and stir watch the egg doesn’t stick. If its getting to dry add a little hot water add prawns now if pre cooked then soya sauce and season to taste.

Always keep it moving and if in doubt take it off the heat while you add ingredients and check it isn’t burning. Wok until everything is soft and it smells delicious.

Serve with a glass of chilled Pinot Grigio or an ice tea …


Chinese Cabbage Coconut Soup!

Hey so whilst in Rome!!!!

Hmm or China where food standard are not what they could be & traditional kitchens have only a gas hob.

So that gives you the wok or the pot & vegetables of course you can eat what you want. Personally I’m steering clear of cardboard rice or hormone grown meat !

So this one is simple & light yet filling!

You will need….

  1. Chinesse cabbage 1PP (But they are quite small here).
  2. Other leafy green veg, I’ve used a random Chinese vegetable.
  3. Coconut milk
  4. Fresh ginger root
  5. Green chilli x 1
  6. Red Chilli x 1
  7. Garlic & chilli paste
  8. Himalayan pink salt & black pepper
  9. Fresh lime
  10. Water

So wash & roughly chop your veg,

I’m cutting calories on this dish so instead of oil put a mug of water into your work & heat with a squeeze of lime.

Chuck in the veg while you finely chop the garlic and chilli then pop it in & season.

Add more water as needed, so you should see the water but it doesn’t quite cover the veg. Add chilli garlic paste 2 good tbsp stir, put on a wok lid leave for a few minutes.

Once it is soft, take it off the heat or it may curdle. Add coconut milk I’m using a non sweetened drinking coconut milk. If you want to be more indulgent swap for the creamy canned version.

Stir it in and if you need to reheat do so over a very low flame. You can add boiled water as well to adjust the consistency.

Enjoy 💜🧡💛💚


Avocado Tomato Protien Punch Salad!

This is a great lunch for active days and glowing skin. Healthy oils and energy from the Avocado vitamin rich tomatoes and an extra punch and crunch of protein, nutrients and omega 3 from the dried peas and flax seeds.

Not to mention my daily metabolism kick dressing, try and get a serving of this dressing a day to help boost fat burning 🙂

You will need

  1. 1-2 tomatoes per person
  2. 1-2 Avocados per person
  3. Dried peas
  4. Flax seeds
  5. Himalayan pink salt & black pepper
  6. Cider vinegar 2tbsp &
  7. Extra virgin olive oil 1tbsp.

So simply chip the tomatoes and salt in the bowl. Cut the avocados in two de stone and scrap into the bowl add dried peas and flax seed then season & add vinegar & oil to taste.

Enjoy 💚💛🧡💜