Working Around the world with Horses!

Why I have decided to write a Blog…

Working with horses can lead you to all corners of the globe, it can be exciting and allows you to work almost anywhere in the world. From the crazy busy lifestyle of a show and racing groom to the roaming cattle ranchers or trail riders of the Americas & Mediterranean.

It is an industry where we work long hard hours for the love of horses. Somehow somewhere along the line many of us and probably most of us hard working grooms and riders. Forgot to look after ourselves, as well as we do our horses.,

So as my Blog developes I will bring to you, many horsey adventures along with healthy recipes and yoga based health lifestyle tips. Pointers to help you look after you, so as you can be at your best and do your best for your horses.

We have all heard the story that you can lead a horse to water, but you can not make it drink! Well you also can’t pour from an empty bucket! So lads and lasses of the international hard working horse community and all my other fabulous followers.

It’s time to make time, to fill that bucket! Join my Marwari community and become like the bred the most amazing version of you. Be strong yet gentle, proud whilst humble and present in the magnificent and unusual life that you lead. Be a warrior not a worrier !!

I was once told everyone should dedicate their life to something and for me that something has been horses. They are the constant in my life a non judgmental friend that bring me joy in dark times and inspire me to get up when I fall down. 

They allow me freedom and give me the opportunity to travel the world and experience the many different ways that people all over the planet live their lives and interact with their horses.

People often refer to me as a horse whisperer, yet I think it is the ability to read not whisper. To recognise pain and fear and develop trust in animals, that try so hard to communicate with us. If only human beings were more able to listen. To feel our connection with all life forms and therefore be better able to read unspoken language.

The Yogi’s of India believe that those who walk before us, do so to gain knowledge and that it is the duty of those with knowledge to pass it on. What else is knowledge for if not to share? They pass this knowledge on, so as their students do not need to suffer the same mistakes that they have suffered or inflict those mistakes on others.

I hope on my travels I will be able to share my knowledge and experience with you, so as my readers and their horses, may fall down a little less and fly a little more. 

Good Luck  

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